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Name:Lance Draconis

Interests (83):

agatha, arianna is vile, being a badass, being a father figure, being a sap, being a tsundere magnet, being fucked by silver, being protective, blackthorn city, blue, bruno, capes, champion, chuckling at clair, chuckling at silver, clair draconis, clair's hidden dere feelings, clair's relationship with lyra and ethan, desk sex, dragon pokemon, dragon's den, dragonite, dragons, dragons are hot lovers, elise cynthia crawford, elite four, emotional sex with silver, ethan taylor, flirting with silver, fucking silver, giovanni's a bastard, gold taylor, hating giovanni, hating team rocket forever, heroism, hyperbeaming rockets, hyperbeaming team rocket, hyperbeaming team rocket grunts, joe kramer, john edward brunett "jeb" parmalee, justice, karen, knight complex, knowing silver's following me, koga, kris allen, lorelei, lyra allen, molly nevins, morning makeouts, my pokemon, not "the room", not giovanni, not pokemon cruelty, not silver being a lethal chef, not team rocket, petrel is a creep, protecting clair, protecting everyone, protecting silver, red, reminding silver to eat, rough sex, sex with silver, shower sex, silver draconis, silver fails at subtlety, silver is adorable, silver is cute, silver is my squishy, silver makes me horny, silver tsuning at me, silver's a cute stalker, silver's tsun is adorable, silver's watched me shower, taking care of silver, teasing clair, teasing silver, thinking about silver, victoria "tori" marie crawford, will, you're cute silver deal with it, you're cute silver get over it
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